Source: ISBG – Italian Saudi Business Group

“We met with Mr. Khaled Al Darwish at Manuel’s headquarters on Heraa Street, which he told us will soon move to Al Batarji’s Chinatown Mall. Khaled received us in his beautiful office, adorned with a rich boiserie, a sign of his successful professional career.

The many prestigious awards and pictures in his office gave testimony of Khaled’s love for his work and a well-justified
sense of pride in his achievements. His commendations represent a life of professional success, to which he is dedicated with passion and commitment.

Later in our meeting, we asked Khaled about his relationship with Italy. It was then that Khaled showed us his medal for the order of the Star of Italy, one of the most prestigious awards representing the recipient’s close ties to Italian patronage and culture. Khaled spoke of his close bond with Italy and his appreciation for its traditions, lifestyle, and culinary heritage.

We then turned to the main subject of our meeting, the planning of several projects including a series of initiatives and events related to quality Italian food products. Sponsored by ISBG, these events will focus on promoting a greater understanding of Italy’s quality food, to satisfy growing demand in the Kingdom.

The first of these will be Italian Food
Awareness Day in KSA, an event at which
guest speakers will share ideas related to
the industry. The central topic of this forum
will be: While Italian cuisine is widely
appreciated and loved in KSA, Italy only
ranks 15th among importing countries.
Why is this? And how do we break importrelated barriers?

Khaled welcomed ISBG’s idea for him to be among the guest speakers for Italian Food Awareness Day. Khaled brought his vision and creativity to bear in providing ISBG with valuable insights, promising his generous support for this event and ISBG’s future food-related initiatives.”

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