The CEO has gone from strength to strength over the last few years

Esquire’s Best in the Business series allows us to explore some of the men and women in charge of some of the Middle East’s biggest and best companies.

[28November2019] Despite being only a few years old, Jeddah-based luxury supermarket chain Manuel Market has grown exponentially, with ambitious plans to expand its supermarkets by as many as 100 stores over the next several years, all while keepings its focus on taking advantage of the latest healthy trends in the foods sector.

And the man behind that success? Manuel Supermarket’s CEO, Mr Khaled Al Darwish.

One of the main reasons why Al Darwish has been so successful is down to his passion as a leader, and his long track record of successful management. In his spare time, he is a motivational speaker, with first rate interpersonal skills and the ability to develop a vision for any company he manages; the best example being Manuel Supermarkets.

Al Darwish holds a degree in management from the US, and has more than 17-years in FMCG and four years in banking. He started his career working in one of the leading banks of Saudi Arabia (NCB) and quickly moved on to become General Manager and partner for one of the biggest luxury supermarkets in The Kingdom.

No doubt down to his managerial and marketing skills, Al Darwish has become a distinguished member of the region’s business elite. He’s known for both his creativity, as well as ability to introduce new ideas in the retail business.

Drawing from his career trajectory and garnered expertise in sales, he started Manuel Market in 2010 alongside his brothers. Ever since its launching, Mr. Khaled’s demonstrated business proficiency has been instrumental in increasing the sales and market share for the company.

It was his vision – to provide excellent customer service – that makes Manuel Supermarkets the retail powerhouse that it is.

Over the years, Al Darwish has won countless awards for business, including last year the CEO Middle East award for Fastest Growing Company CEO. That same year, he was given the distinction of Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy.

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