Stamp Story

A few years ago, Mr. Khaled Al Darwish found inspiration in a story about Manuel, who believed in traditional mail as the best way to communicate. Manuel’s belief in letters carrying both good and bad news across the world sparked the idea for Manuel Supermarket.

Manuel Supermarket travels globally to offer people nourishing food and goods, which are like good news for the body and soul. With an extensive range including organic foods, snacks, sweets, meats, produce, groceries, deli items, and bakery goods, Manuel caters to diverse tastes and cultural preferences.

Manuel symbolizes an envelope with a unique stamp, inviting everyone to experience news from afar every day of the year. Manuel’s mission is to be messengers of goodness, providing sustenance for both body and soul.

Manuel Supermarket continually expands its selection to surprise and delight patrons, aiming to serve as an invitation for everyone to receive news from distant places daily.

Guided by this vision, we aspire and strive, with divine assistance, to spread positivity and joy to our customers, friends, and community with dedication and faith.

The Colors

At Manuel, we believe in using colors to enhance our customers’ shopping experience, making it simpler and more enjoyable. In our stores, each color is carefully chosen to match different products, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Colors play a significant role in our lives, bringing joy and comfort. They have the power to brighten our mood and make us feel at ease.

At Manuel Supermarkets, we embrace the colorful world around us to create a festival of great moods with our diverse range of foods. When you shop with us, not only will you nourish your family, but you’ll also feast your eyes on a spectrum of colors.

Here’s a glimpse of how we utilize colors:

  • Black: Symbolizes authority and elegance, popular for its slimming effect and timeless appeal in fashion.
  • White: Represents innocence and purity, reflecting light and serving as a versatile color in both décor and fashion.
  • Red: Elicits strong emotions and is often used as an accent color in decorating.
  • Pink: Known for its tranquilizing and romantic qualities.
  • Blue: Evokes feelings of peace and calmness, reminiscent of the sky and ocean.
  • Green: Symbolizes nature, offering a refreshing and calming effect.
  • Yellow: Radiates cheerfulness and enhances concentration, known to speed up metabolism.
  • Purple: Signifies luxury, wealth, and sophistication, associated with royalty.
  • Brown: Exudes reliability and warmth, reflecting the earth’s natural hues.

By incorporating these colors into our stores, we aim to create an inviting environment where customers feel at home and inspired to explore our diverse range of products.

The Finer Things in Life

The name Manuel is common in many countries and means “In the Grace of God,”.

Luxury embodies living with sophistication, elegance, and refinement, enjoying the finer things in life. At Manuel, we embody all of this and more. Our goal is to elevate the supermarket visit, offering something exceptional for every family member. But luxury isn’t limited to price tags – we cater to every budget with our diverse range of products.


We’ve gone the extra mile to guarantee freshness and top quality. Our custom-designed refrigerators maintain the freshness of our products, while our shelves are tailored to meet the needs of savvy shoppers. Every aspect, from floor to ceiling, has been meticulously crafted to provide a distinct and enjoyable atmosphere for our valued customers.


At Manuel, we invite you to savor the best of both worlds: locally sourced Saudi-made delicacies and premium imports from renowned culinary destinations worldwide. From the USA to Brazil, Australia to Thailand, and beyond, we search the globe to offer you a diverse array of culinary delights. Manuel caters to all tastes, with beloved everyday treats like Kit-Kat and Coca-Cola sitting alongside our gourmet selections.


We’re dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle by offering organic foods sourced from around the world. Our bakery boasts an array of whole-grain and sugar/gluten-free options, catering to those seeking nutritious choices. Manuel is a haven for food lovers who value high-quality ingredients.


Explore the finest and most exquisite foods at surprisingly affordable prices. Visit Manuel Market and upgrade your kitchen pantry today.